Flesh and Blood Skirmish Season 4 - Blitz
Here it is! What all of our Flesh and Blood players have been waiting for. Our official Skirmish announcement! All of us here at Paragon Games are super stoked to be part of this Skirmish season!
We will be hosting our Skirmish event on April 2nd at 3pm. Format will be Blitz! But our Skirmish is going to be a little different than other area stores'.
We want this event to be special. We want to help our Flesh and Blood community grow, with current and new players. That's why our Skirmish event will be FREE.
New to the game and don't have a Blitz deck? Let us know and we'll give you a free Blitz deck of your choice (while supplies last)! We will also have players here ready to teach you how to play! 
Players will still win the awesome promos provided by LSS, but with a more laid back, casual feel.
  • First Place wins a Spring Tidings Skirmish Champion Playmat
  • Top 8 players will randomly win one of 8 Cold Foil Young Heroes from Monarch or Tales of Aria.
  • And one lucky winner will be drawn after Swiss to receive an Everfest People's champion Playmat.
  • At 32 or fewer players, everyone will go home with a Cold Foil Copper token. With 33 or more players, we will throw a pack into the pool for each player over 32 and distribute Cold Foil Copper promos/packs randomly.
Entry is FREE, but we encourage you to sign up early on our website!